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Chaza Bros Southern Hot Sauce Taste Test

Chaza Bros Southern Hot Sauce

“Where is the Chaza?”  That is a question that I didn’t think I’d ask in my home.  I know sauce.  I know spice.  I have extensive knowledge of ingredients and don’t need any help in the condiment department, thankyouverymuch. I’m also a hot sauce loyalist.  Do NOT sit between me and my Valentina.  While I’ll try anything once, I will still have my favorites.   

However.  When we got the chance to try Chaza Bros Southern Hot Sauce, I was open, but not so sure that I’d like them nearly as much as our old standards.  Before long, I was meal planning with the anticipation of using Chaza on various meals.  First, I tried it in a chicken soup.  Next, scrambled eggs.  I needed it on my breakfast burrito.  Grilled pork loin.  Then Spanish rice.  My next go to will be to incorporate it into my deviled egg recipe.  What was born in the kitchen of Sara and Matt Grow of Raleigh has taught me that the savory combo of vinegar, mustard, tamarind and brown sugar could be a perfect accompaniment to foods that don’t need to be hot, but ‘woken up’ in their words.  The three recipes that they offer include habanero peppers, molasses, Carolina Reaper peppers and brown sugar.  

Sara and Matt developed the recipe for friends and family gatherings, and were encouraged to bottle it before long.  Inspired by their twin sons who have big personalities, they named them Chaza, a pet name for them for acting ‘spicy.’  I’ve learned something about myself, too–it’s that the perfect combination of ingredients might be around the corner, and sometimes a loyalist might need to realize that not all answers have been found yet.  And that a refill of Chaza sauce is in order.

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