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Chaza Bros Southern Hot Sauce Taste Test

Chaza Bros Southern Hot Sauce “Where is the Chaza?”  That is a question that I didn’t think I’d ask in my home.  I know sauce.  I know spice.  I have extensive knowledge of ingredients and don’t need any help in the condiment department, thankyouverymuch. I’m also a hot sauce loyalist.  Do NOT sit between me […]

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Sell your Vehicle with the Belmonte Auto Buying Service

Raleigh, NC–You can sell your vehicle with the Belmonte Auto Buying Service.  Get an offer and payment and let Belmonte Auto come to you for the complete process, or come to the dealership at your convenience.  Set up a free appraisal on your vehicle and receive an offer made from competitive market research.  There is […]

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Professional Billiards Can Relocate Pool Tables in Tight Spaces

Wake Forest, NC–Professional Billiards recently relocated an 8′ Brunswick Camden and an 8′ Valley up the stairs with a 90 degree turn. “I’ve had a few discussions and disagreements with some that say a Valley cabinet cannot be taken apart. This is true with very very few of them. A majority of them can be […]

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Raleigh, NC–With campuses opening up this year, university and college campuses across North Carolina are humming with activity. For many students, the first interaction with roommates, teachers and course load is exhilarating. Encouraging this sense of euphoria can be the initial light college workload, which doesn’t accumulate when students begin attending classes. While this sense […]

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Rose Latte at Brew Coffee Bar

Raleigh, NC– The Rose Latte is now featured at Brew Coffee Bar of Raleigh, NC.  Fresh rose petal syrup + espresso + milk. It’s that simple! But we can’t just keep it THAT simple, so we’re spritzing it with fresh rose water to enhance those delicate aromas. The subtle sweetness of fresh rose elevates our lattes to […]

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Honest 5 star Google review of a local used auto dealership reviews and ratings as well as some things to consider before making a decision when buying a used car in Raleigh, NC.

Belmonte Auto Imports Dan Belmonte and 5 Star Google Review for teddslist featured blog post 1 Used Auto Dealership Raleigh NC 27616

Belmonte Auto is nearing 250 Google Reviews with more than 100 5 Star ratings, but not ALL of them are great. In fact, not all are 5 stars. Believe it or not you can NOT please everyone when you are in business, and especially the “ local used car dealership ” business. And sometimes, admittedly they make mistakes and when they do, they try to correct […]

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Professional Billiards works with area billiard halls and bars

Professional Billiards pool table service and sales of Wake Forest, NC, is proud to service some of the area’s most well known billiard halls and bars, including Brass Tap and Billiards of Raleigh, Brown’s Billiards of Raleigh, Shotmakers Sports Bar of Garner, Dots Cue Club of Rocky Mount, The Tavern of Durham and West End […]

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Should your tax refund go toward a car?

According to one survey, one third of Americans will spend their tax refund on an auto-related purchase. If the average tax refund is about $3,000, what considerations should be made before allocating the cash? Some use the money for a down payment; others fix or upgrade their current vehicle; still others pay off or down […]

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Professional Billiards offers custom cloth installation

  Professional Billiards offers pool table services such as table assembly, relocation, cloth replacement and cushion replacement.  For this custom cloth installation, Professional Billiards replaced the original cloth with a new cloth and US Air Force emblem. “For veterans, law enforcement and those in the medical field, we give 10% off year round.” Professional Billiards […]

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Structure of the Federal Court System as Applicable to Federal Criminal Cases in North Carolina

The federal court system in the United States, applicable to criminal cases arising from North Carolina, has three primary levels. The first is district or trial court level. The second is the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which reviews decisions made by North Carolina federal district courts. The third is the […]

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