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Locals Only Badge


Please chose amount to invest or # of Local Only badges wanted

Sport the Logo + Support the Locals!    

When you purchase and sport the teddslist ‘Locals Only’ badge you are investing and helping in many ways! Crowdfunding, exposure, community chatter, and more!

  1. All badge sales revenue go directly into an online advertising account to generate more web traffic, making you a direct investor into  local businesses on
  2. When you proudly sport your ‘Locals Only’ badge your showing support for locally owned businesses and it gives you a chance to share and create exposure for local entrepreneurs.
  3. We believe these badges will help with the searching, support, and sharing of locally owned businesses and create an opportunity for new dialog about them while strengthing our local community and economy.

                                                                   All that from a badge! 

 5″W x 4″H  High quality indoor/outdoor vinal decal badge


Purchase and display of the tedslist ‘Locals Only’ badge will result in supporting local entrepreneurs, help create community dialogs about local businesses, and have your direct involvement in growing your local economy!


    ***Please remember if you Do Not want to support local businesses then Do Not purchase and display this badge supporting locals only!